Be the Master of Rolex Watches

If you are a big fan of Rolex watches, you may find that there are different feature and function among different Rolex watches series. For example, the Rolex Explorer II watch is attached with 24 hour red auxiliary needle, which is very popular among the cavern Scientists because it is convenient for them to distinguish between day and night when they are exploring under the ground. The Submariner watch still keeps accurate even when you are wearing it under the deep sea of 300 meters (1000 feet), and it is the Close-fitting tool for the diver. Professional divers more love the Seadweller watch, whose waterproof depth can be 3900 meters (12000 feet). The Rolex Yacht Master is equipped with the rotating outer bezel, which is very convenient to calculate time metrics and there are three sizes for you to choose from.

Rolex Oyster Lady Watch

The Rolex oyster lady series watch’s TRANSLATION SKILLS is the same as the qualified workmanship of the man series watch to be solid, waterproof, reliable as the Rolex oyster man series watches. the Rolex oyster lady watches are equipped with different design models of stainless steel, 18ct yellow gold, gold steel and platinum for you to choose from, matching with different demand of people with different tastes. And there are three sizes available: 24mm without calendar function, 36mm with calendar function and the branded new lady Datejust series of 29mm. Some watches even on the watch surface and watch strap decorated with diamonds, in addition, no matter which model, all are equipped with the oyster watch case, and the wear-resistant sapphire crystal surface and the double protective winding watch crown.

No matter which Rolex watch you like the most, or you are going to buy, just remember that the Rolex watch will never go wrong and Rolex watch never let you down.

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