Most Anti-Scratch Bezel–Hublot Big Bang Unico

Pure Hublot gene. Hublot applies this new material into it Big Bang Unico series watches, sticking to the tradition and achieving good fusion with new technology.

Magic Gold is a new material that is developed under the lead of Hublot, and it gave a big shock to the watch industry, since it was invented. Now three years passed, Magic Gold is still the only on that is anti-scratch metal. Magic Gold is the result of collaboration of Hublot and EPFL. It took several months to do the experiments before it was created, and the 18k gold material also passed Central Office for Precious Metals Control. This Magic Gold is considered the hardest material in the world, and only tools made of diamonds can process it. Traditional yellow gold and its alloy is easy to get scratch, while it is impossible to makes any scratch on this new material, and this invention makes up the shortage. In other words, Vickers-hardness of magic gold reaches 1000 while traditional yellow gold only reaches 400 and the steel just reaches 600. Magic gold was revealed in November 2011.

This material, that started a material revolution in the watch industry, is the result of the most precious 24 k gold and top technology. It has complicated processes to producing magic gold: first, we need to put the ceramic powder with boron carbide in to the model, and makes the powder become a ceramic cylinder under the cold-pressure. Then we place the cylinder into the machine and connects ceramic motes into unity with holes on it under coronizing. Third, 24 k liquid cold, was channeled to the model and under the pressure of air, gold atom combines with ceramic module and we gets the magic gold. It took three years to develop this brand-new material, it keeps the good features and combines new features, which is an excited achievements.

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