Rolex Movements – The Things You Don’t Know

Since middle period of last century, the appearance of all rolex series are the evolution of the subtle, but never been from the traditional value, and the movement technology breakthrough and development are rarely showed on the surface, so that if not to ask carefully, you are not able to determine the difference of this watch movement exactly with that of the past. Last year (2015), Rolex has released two new movements: Cal. 3235 and Cal. 3255. Most people know the Cal. 3255, however, few people know Cal. 3235, historically, for the movements of Rolex Datejust and Rolex Daydate, if there is an important technical innovation, often they will be together, just like the launching of the Cal. 3035 in the year of 1977, together with Cal. 3055, and when the Cal.3035 movement was replaced by the Cal.3135 in the year of 1988, and the Cal. 3055 was also replaced by the Cal. 3155 movement together.

Every time the change of the serial number is an important technical innovation

From initial Cal. 3035 to today’s Cal. 3235, after 40 years, there are too many large and small technological changes, during the serial number change of each time, it is an important technical innovation, of course, there are heavy and light difference. Cal. 3035 to Cal. 3035, as well as Cal. 3135 to Cal. 3235, basically movement version design has made very big adjustment, and the difference of these serial numbers are obvious. And for the Cal. 3135 to Cal. 3136, the biggest change is changing the shock KIF to the Rolex patented Paraflex. The change of the reference movement beginning Numbers, directly is complete change and innovation of movement function and type, and representing two completely different movements. But the same thing is that all of the Rolex watch movements all provide the best performance and stable time for all the Rolex watches.

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