Time Witness Eternity–Three Different Pair Watches

What do you think is the most expensive present? Different people may have different answers, such as the true heart, compliment, sincere, wit, honor, emotion, love, etc. This is not a math problem, so the answer is not absolutely right or wrong, and you just appreciate the charm of three pair watches to get the right one for you and your lover.

Breguet Classique Moonphase Pair Watch
Breguet Classique Moonphase Pair watch, with its soft lines, graceful style and precise timing, becomes a model of perfect watching-making skills. This series adopts white enamel dial, blue skeleton asymmetric moon-shaped hands, Breguet Arabic numbers, hidden signatures, and other brand’s skills, fully representing its simplicity, simple and unique style. At 12 o’clock, there is a a shinier moon there, like a protector that witness your love and record every movement.

Zenith Captain Chinese Special Moonphase Edition
Zenith Captain Chinese Special Moonphase Edition pair watches are branded with Special Edition on their case backs, while the reserve design is displayed on the dial. The well polishing rose gold case emanates its reserve and graceful class. Pure white dial witnesses the time you share together with the special one. Dauphine hands and Roman time indexes and numbers shows the beauty of classicism, recording the passing time and happy moment.

Borel and Courvoisier Retro Series Pair Watches
Vintage has been a eternal them in fashion circle, and it represents a trend, as well as a tribute to classic and tradition. Borel and Courvoisier aims at bring the wishes for romance, energy and pursue on better life to consumers. The long, thin Roman numbers and time indexes display the European style of beauty. The rose gold-gilt case shines and gives off its rich history. Borel and Courvoisier Retro inherits its classical style and it combines the fashion style with simplicity, and it also emanates the vintage style, never falling behind others.

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